Project Jaguar Landrover


Finley Murray and Jack Mason-Barton



PCD Engineering, Derby


The Project

Finlay and Jack are both apprentice CAD Technicians with PCD Engineering in Derby. Since joining the Construction and Design Centre of Excellence Apprenticeship in 2016, they have worked on some high-profile UK projects.

PCD Engineering were tasked with the structural design and detailing for Jaguar Landrover, Warwickshire, in early 2017. Director Dave Fletcher, saw this as the perfect project for both Finley and Jack to get involved with and make their mark. Having spent almost a year on the job, they have both progressed massively! Initially working together, applying simple connections around the existing model, it was all about communicating effectively to ensure they were achieving the same outcomes. As their confidence grew, they worked on the more challenging aspects of detailing, producing GA (general assembly) drawings and checking drawings to make sure their work complied with the engineer’s calculations.

More recently Finley has had the opportunity to work on a specific element of the Jaguar Landrover model, called ‘Design Street’. He has independently produced the 3D model, using Tekla Software for a single storey structure, interpreting the engineer’s calculations and drawings. He has surprised himself with the progress he has made; “compared to this time last year I am impressed with how much we have managed to learn and pick up by being in a supportive work environment.” Jack too has his sights set on a successful career with the company “After completing my apprenticeship I am considering options such as university to become a chartered structural engineer. I’m really happy working with PCD Engineering and am really hopeful of a future here to continue progressing my career”


Employer Description

PCD Engineering provide a detailing and management service to steelwork fabricators. The Derbyshire business uses some of the latest in 3D CAD modelling software, with a portfolio of high profile construction projects across the UK.