Offsite Construction,
Manufacturing and Assembly

We work with employers specialising in offsite construction to develop and offer apprenticeships and training solutions that meet the need for digitally skilled technicians and engineers in this rapidly growing area. The success of offsite projects hinge on the right design, so we fully understand the importance of providing new apprentices with the right training.

The Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering Construction includes modules specific to offsite construction, manufacture and associated methods, design and assembly. These modules form a part of the fast-track, intensive training course, at the front end of the apprenticeship. Designed by employers, they frequently contribute towards our delivery, giving you full confidence that training is fit for purpose and relevant to your business needs.

Our partnership with Dudley College of Technology means our home is in the digital technologies suite at Advance II – a £12 million pound invested, state of the art training facility for advanced construction technologies, and the only one of its kind in the UK.

Our sister company TDS are: leaders in providing design services for offsite projects; early adopters of BIM and play an active role in offsite industry networks and bodies. This means that as a training provider, the Construction and Design Centre of Excellence is always ahead of the curve when it comes to training to meet industry requirements.