Careers in
Digital Design Engineering

Digital skills are essential to securing a great career. A Cadcoe apprenticeship in digital design and engineering will give you the opportunity to learn about the latest technology for the construction industry and the career pathways this offers.

We live in a digital world, which is making technological advancements all of the time. If you are about to take your first step on the career ladder, it is important to consider the types of skills and experiences you will need to go far in your chosen area of work.

Design engineers work in a range of industries, using a variety of methods to produce designs which are then manufactured. As part of the Cadcoe Apprenticeship, design engineering means using computer aided design software, such as AutoCAD, Revit, Solidworks or Tekla, to produce 2D/3D models, detailed plans and technical drawings. These drawings will then go on to be constructed and manufactured into the buildings and structures we see in our everyday lives in the UK and throughout the world.

Once you have completed your apprenticeship you could go on to specialise in:

  • A range of engineering disciplines including; design, structural or civil
  • Architecture
  • Project management
  • Contract management
  • Estimation
  • Steelwork fabrication

The UK requires 182,000 people with engineering skills for the next 5 years AT LEAST. It goes without saying there will always be jobs available within engineering and many employers are looking to recruit new entrants to the job market, who already have a whole host of digital skills – that’s YOU!

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