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The Construction and Design Centre of Excellence (CADCOE) delivers CAD courses & apprenticeships for Digital Engineering. Working nationally, with specialist educational partners, we are leaders in providing training in digital design, including 2D CAD, 3D Modelling and BIM, for structural engineering and steelwork construction. CADCOE is part of the Technical Design Services Group, which equips us with an advantage in delivering our courses in line with the latest industry technologies and trends. Our teachers have over 20 years experience in senior and director level engineering roles assuring a high-quality learning experience for all.

“As a country we need to invest in our young people, they are already naturally equipped with the digital skills the construction industry is crying out for, which is complimented perfectly through relevant training schemes such as those available through the Construction and Design Centre of Excellence.”

Daniel Leech, Managing Director
The Technical Design Services Group

“We have been working with the Construction and Design Centre of Excellence since early 2016 and have been astounded by the quality of work Liam and Oliver are both capable of producing, following their intensive cad training at the start of their apprenticeship. Knowing they have been taught by industry specialists early, has made it easy for us to work on developing their skills and knowledge further- they both have a brilliant future ahead of them.”

Stewart Harvey, Design Office Manager
Hadley Steel Framing

"At the end of their 4 months intensive training, we get an apprentice with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of steel detailing. Although it does not take away the need for any training in the office, CADCOE apprentices are a lot further advanced than if they had followed the traditional route."

Gary Brown, Director
Oakwood Engineering Solutions Ltd

"The Construction and Design Centre of Excellence made the whole process really easy for us, they handled the recruitment, which meant I could handle the business. The fast-track training had a great focus on 3D modelling, which has been massively beneficial to us as an organisation. One of the best things is the youth and vitality the Apprentices have brought to the organisation."

Dave Fletcher, Managing Director
PCD Engineering