A marketing apprentice in the world of engineering

I’m just about to start my third month as a digital marketing apprentice with the Construction and Design Centre of Excellence and wanted to share my first impressions of apprenticeships in general, a career in digital marketing and working within construction and engineering – WOW! What a few months it has been.

Settling in…

Transitioning from a school and classroom environment to the workplace is difficult, and the early mornings definitely don’t make it easier! Nevertheless, settling in at my desk and getting to know everyone has made it a lot less nerve – racking and a much more exciting experience and start to the beginning of my career as a digital marketing apprentice. Having never had an apprenticeship before, I was anxious about working office hours and getting used to the learning curve that comes with every job… thankfully, having different tasks and new content to learn gives you plenty to think about and keeps every day interesting and knowledgeable. Working in a completely new atmosphere can be intimidating but I am surrounded by people who have no problem answering the endless questions I have at the moment!

What I do day to day…

Being a digital marketing apprentice, I have the opportunity to write, photograph, edit, research, brainstorm, analyse and so much more… I haven’t had a tedious day yet! Getting to explore social media platforms and starting to analyse the content we put out is interesting; it’s almost like working ‘behind the scenes’ of social media. As well as this, I have especially loved beginning to use and navigate websites like Canva & Powtoon to create imagery/videos for our social media platforms, and I am excited to hopefully learn how to use these tools (as well as Photoshop) even better.

Being a massive Harry Potter fan, I was extremely excited to learn that our sister company TDS have previously worked on the digital designs for Kings Cross station. Image credit: Network Rail


The training begins…

Last month I went away to Birmingham for one week to complete my first official training course. We started with the hardest topic to cover – coding principles. We literally got down to basics and were taught the ins and outs of how websites are coded. It was very intense (especially knowing that we had an exam at the end of the week), but it was a lot of fun. Understanding the basics has really helped me with the more technical side of digital marketing. Luckily, I managed to take a lot away from the first week, and I am looking forward to going back in January to complete my second week and begin my coursework.


Helping to inspire the future of construction

I think the best part about this role is knowing that our overall aim is to inspire young people, and make them aware of careers and apprenticeships in construction. I’m quickly learning that it’s a really exciting time to join engineering and construction (myself included) and can’t wait to contribute towards all the work Cadcoe is already doing, in shouting about the amazing opportunities this industry has to offer! I am looking forward to documenting my career in the world of construction and engineering (and of course digital marketing) over the next 12 months!

Find out more about what Cadcoe has to offer at www.cadcoe.com 

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BY Jordan Connor | 15th November 2018