Tom’s digital engineering journey with TDS

Tom Glover is a Digital CAD Engineer with TDS. He started his career with the Cadcoe Fast-track Digital Engineering Apprenticeship. Time flies, and Tom has made some serious career progress in just 4 years. During this time, he has become an impressive young engineer, quickly progressing to work on large construction projects and sometimes manage smaller projects, all whilst playing a mentoring role to new apprentices joining the team.

Last week we asked Tom some questions, as part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, to find out what makes him tick in and out of work …


What did you think you would be when you were younger?

I wasn’t sure of the terms used or official job titles so, inventor?                                   


How did you get interested in digital engineering?

I had to run a project at school for part of my course, the project could have been on anything as the point was just to show your ability to research and display information in a meaningful way. I decided to do a project on making a model rocket as I thought it would tick all the boxes, the school I did the course at, had just got a 3D printer (back when they were a new thing) and they had a 3D CAD software (I think it was called space claim).

I researched rocket designs and went through a few iterations, modelling them all in CAD, we then 3d printed them and eventually launched the rockets on the school field. The fascination really came from being able to get an idea from my head and make it a real thing. I was always fond of drawing but never very good at it, it always frustrated me that I couldn’t get the ideas from my head out in to the world the way they were in my head but I was able to it with CAD.


What was the last book you read?

I think it was either Snuff by Terry Prachett or Ivan Ramens Book.


What was your first project?

If I remember correctly it was a little single flight escape stair for a new Sainsbury’s in Ravenshead.



Why this route?

I didn’t enjoy education, it never really engaged me and tended to make me lazy and bored. I decided to try the apprentice route and I haven’t looked back. It’s been the best decision I have ever made.


What is your favourite project, why?

Bit of a tough one, but I think I’d either go with North Walsham Containment Structure or the stair I did for DHF – the former because it was unusual and challenging and complicated but it worked out well in the end and the latter because I had a lot of freedom in the design of it and so it’s very much something of my own design.


Do you have a life mantra – if so what is it?

“People are just people” I guess? I don’t know really I just say that a lot.


What kind of music do you like to listen to whilst you work?

I listen to so many different genres I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite.


What do you find most interesting about Tekla software?

I find Tekla interesting for a few reasons, it’s a very specialised software, most other CAD software’s can be used for anything and are based of extruding shapes (basically) whereas Tekla is completely made for modelling structures, it’s a very powerful tool when you use it for what its designed for.


What is your favourite movie?

Super-duper difficult question, Full Metal Jacket, Superbad, Pulp Fiction, Point Break, The Matrix, Snatch, Lock Stock… I love them all.


How have you progressed since being a TDS apprentice, where are you now?

I have started running larger projects with larger teams of people, which I find really exciting. I also play a role in mentoring new apprentices to the business – it’s rewarding to be able to share my experiences, with those going through the digital engineering journey that I started 4 years ago.


What is your favourite snack to have at work?

Definitely Big Chedz (or Oven Baked Cheese Thins, for those who don’t work at TDS!!)


We’re super proud of Tom here at Cadcoe, he’s one of the good guys and we know a great asset to the TDS team. If you’d like to find out how you can recruit an apprentice to your team, or have been inspired by Tom and are considering this route for yourself, contact us!

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BY Jordan Connor | 12th November 2018